Martha Dunham was born in Schenectady, New York to scientist/engineers. She studied zoology and ecology at the University of Iowa, Duke University, Universität Tübingen, University of South Florida and Brown University. While living in Germany, she traveled to France, Italy and Holland, visiting museums and churches. During a year as a post-doctoral scholar in Kentucky, Martha began carving wood. The study of space through sculpture was a natural extension from her studies of territorial behavior, published in peer-reviewed journals. She has shown in galleries, museums and alternate venues in Florida, Washington, Maryland and Arizona.

My work is influenced by organic forms and relationships. I design each piece to capture a moment in motion, to reflect the growth and change that is the essence of life. The anfractuous line taken by wire in my wire sculptures encloses an open volume, somewhat in the way solid objects contain empty space on an atomic level. I don't know much about string theory, but I imagine if strings make up the universe, they might wind around in a similar fashion. And although mathematicians use fractals to refer to self-similar objects, the concept of a fractional dimension seems to apply to these anfractuous spaces. Their lack of solidity suggests they truly exist between dimensions.



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2018 COCA Members Show, Seattle, WA
2017 Dendroica Gallery, Seattle, WA
2016 Seattle City Hall, Seattle, WA
CORE Gallery, Seattle, WA
2016, 2015 Dendroica Gallery, Seattle, WA
2014 Peace Arch Park International Sculpture Exhibition, Blaine, WA
Gallery of the City of Shoreline, WA 
SeeMe Takeover Times Square, New York, NY
2013 James and Janie Washington Foundation, Seattle, WA
2013, 2012 Tucson Jewish Community Center, Tucson, AZ
2011 Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA
Seattle Sculptor's Guild, Art/Not Terminal, Seattle, WA
2010 Trapeze Retrospective, Georgetown Arts Center, Seattle, WA
Amnesty International Human Rights Art Festival, Silver Spring, MD
National Audubon Society Christmas Auction, Seattle, WA
2009 OK Hotel Gallery, Seattle, WA
2008 4710 Art Foundry, Seattle, WA
108 Occidental Avenue, Seattle, WA
ArtsLaunch, Seattle, WA
2007 4710 Art Foundry, Seattle, WA
2006 Ninth Annual Sculpture Exhibition, Big Rock Garden Park, Bellingham WA Voted Best of Show by jury.
2005 Eighth Annual Peace Arch Park International Sculpture Exhibition, Blaine, WA
2004 Delight Hamilton Gallery, Seattle, WA
Northwest Fine Woodworking, Seattle & Bellevue, WA
2003 Delight Hamilton Gallery, Seattle, WA
Northwest Fine Woodworking, Seattle & Bellevue, WA
2002 Northwest Fine Woodworking, Seattle & Bellevue, WA
First Saturdays at Trapeze Studio, Seattle, WA
2001 Metropolitan Museum of Art performance, New York, NY
Smith Tower Windows, Seattle, WA
Group Show, Grand Central Arcade, Seattle, WA
2000 Trapeze Gallery
1999 J. E. M. Studio
1999 HorseHead International Sculpture Project
1999 Jeffrey Moose Gallery
1999 Artspace, Group Show with Trapeze
1997 Jeffrey Moose Gallery
1996 Jeffrey Moose Gallery
1995 Arts and Design Society Art Show, FL - Fall
1995 Arts and Design Society Art Show, FL - Spring
1995 Honorable Mention, Florida State Fair
1994 First Prize, Okaloosa, FL County Fair

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